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The EULIS Service (European Land Information Service) is an online portal enabling access into land registries across European borders.

It provides easy access to land and property information for professional customers in Europe. It is also a hub of information where you can find out about different land registration conditions in each country.

EULIS’ long-term mission is to underpin a single European property market through cross border lending.

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Using the service

The service is aimed at professional customers who use land registry information to assist them in their day-to-day work life.

  • Quick and easy access to land and property information from member countries.
  • Easy access from your desktop computer or laptop.
  • Retrieval of information online, direct from official land registers.

More reasons to use the service

Countries & land registries

Our professional customers tell us they would like access to more registers in Europe.

It is EULIS’ mission to connect as many European land registry organisations as possible to the service to improve transparency in line with EU objectives. There are currently 5 land registers connected to the EULIS Service.

Some of the connected countries:

Find out more about the connected countries

Becoming a connected country

Each European land registry will be subject to a different set of circumstances whether it is technical, legal, political or organisational.

That means each Land Registry organisation that joins will have a different experience when connecting to EULIS. We understand that you may find similarities with other countries and those countries can mentor and offer advice.

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