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Project Line logo Project LINE specifically aims to facilitate compliance with the requirements of the e-Justice programme in the area of land registration.

The next generation EULIS 2.0 platform is a key deliverable of Project LINE. The technical solution will aim to be sustainable and financially viable, to enable new land registry organisations to cost-effectively connect to the EULIS 2.0 platform. Simultaneously it will be flexible and future-proof for new and evolving national technical land register systems. It will be aligned with the European e-Justice portal and it will offer the chance in the future to be able to provide added-value products/services to the European audience in the future i.e. e-Signatures, e-registration.

Project LINE will run from 1st September 2010 for a 2-year period.

Project objectives

  1. To gather together the community of official land registry organisations across all EU member states in order to facilitate their participation in and compliance with the European e-Justice programme.
  2. To deliver the next generation EULIS platform, which is technologically and financially-viable and through which land registry organisations across Europe can provide cross-border services.
  3. To identify and define a wide-ranging set of land information services and value-added products across Europe for delivery through the European e-Justice portal, which will benefit legal practitioners and professionals associated with the administration of justice in the area of civil law (including solicitors, judges, notaries, bailiffs and other stakeholders) and improve the functioning of the internal market.
  4. To facilitate cross-border access to and use of legal information on real property to a wide range of users.

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