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Austria goes live in EULIS

Posted on 15/09/09

Austria is the latest country to connect to the EULIS portal. In June 2009 the technical work to connect Austria to the EULIS portal was completed and Austria is now live in the EULIS service. Austria – Bundesministerium für Justiz – is a founder member of EULIS with a service board position and involvement in the service since 2002.

Customers have immediate access into the land registers of Austria on the EULIS service providing more choice of countries for EULIS customers.

“The Ministry of Justice is very pleased to have completed connection to EULIS’’ says EULIS service board member, Dr. Helmut Auer “we have already spoken to a number of bodies including the Chamber of Commerce, the Governing body representing Notaries and that representing Lawyers, who expressed their interest in the service.”

Customers looking from outside Austria into their registers can obtain unique information such as ownership of specific real estates, mortgages, servitudes and other data stored in the Austrian Land Book.

“More countries connecting to EULIS increases the choice in the service and we are in discussions with many more to improve the service for European professional customers” explains Sarah Long, EULIS marketing manager.

If you would like to ask any questions about land and property registers across Europe or alternatively, if you are in a land registry interested in getting involved, please contact us.

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