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Annual General Meeting held

Posted on 10/04/17

Annual General Meeting held

Last week the Annual General Meeting of EULIS members was held in Gävle, Sweden.

In total 16 participants from 11 member countries were present at the conference that was hosted by Lantmäteriet. The main topic was the discussion on the future of EULIS, both concerning the portal as well as the organisation.

Considering that the new Land Registry Interconnection portal is under construction by DG-Justice and ready just after summer 2017, the members decided that the moment has come to close the EULIS-portal by the 1st of July 2017. In the run of 2017 or early 2018 also the organisation will be dissolved because by then the responsibility and the related activities to run the new portal will be in the hands of the DG-Justice.

For the time being the activities will continue as usual. Further plans on when and how to dissolve the organisation will be prepared in the upcoming Board Meetings.

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