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  • EULIS welcomes Malta as new member EULIS welcomes Malta as new member

    Malta has recently joined EULIS as a Level-1 member bringing the total to 22 European countries being represented within the EULIS network. The Land Registry Malta will be represented by their Land Registrar Dr Claude Sapiano at future EULIS events. The country covers just over 316 km2 (122 sq mi), with a population of just under 450,000, making it one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries.

    Posted on 09/03/16

  • EULIS participates in ISA conference EULIS participates in ISA conference

    On Thursday March 3, the European Commission organised a conference to launch the ISA2-programme. 400 Participants from all member states took part in the conference, as well as lots of EU-institutions, members of the European Parliament, etc. EULIS was represented by Gerard Leenders and Rik Wouters. ISA (interoperability solution for public administrations) is an important EU-programme, supported by DG Informatics.

    Posted on 07/03/16

  • Greg McDermott awarded Greg McDermott awarded

    During the EULIS Board Meeting in Madrid, Greg McDermott was presented with the “Bengt Kjellson award” consisting of a medal of honour and a certificate. This award has been specially set up for people who have made a significant contribution to EULIS.

    Posted on 07/03/16

  • Marine Cadastre experts meet in Amsterdam Marine Cadastre experts meet in Amsterdam

    The Marine Cadastre project, a joint initiative of PCC, EuroGeographics, ELRA, CLGE and EULIS is progressing well.

    Posted on 28/02/16

  • IMOLA final conference IMOLA final conference

    The IMOLA project has run for some 2 years and is coming to an end. On Thursday, January 28th 2016 ELRA organised a closing conference in Brussels. EULIS, partner in the project, was represented by Gerard Leenders, EULIS Technical Expert and Rik Wouters, Managing Director.

    Posted on 01/02/16

  • EULIS participates in kick-off EULIS participates in kick-off

    The European Commission organised on Wednesday January 27th a kick-off meeting for the Interconnection of Land Registers (ILR) project. The delegates from almost 20 EU member states and several European association. Of course EULIS was one of the most important ones, represented by Gerard Leenders, EULIS-expert and Rik Wouters, Managing Director.

    Posted on 31/01/16

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